Monday, January 1, 2007

If There Is No God, Then What Else Is Not?

Have you ever stopped to take a good look at yourself? I don't mean looking in a mirror. I'm talking about an inward look.

There is a part of you that cannot be explained in conventional scientific terms.

There is a sense of identity apart from your body, apart from your atoms, that tells you that you are more than a material creature. Why? Why do you, deep down inside yourself, somehow know that you have free will, that you are not just a puppet of nature, that you are not just a complex chemical reaction that obeys the dictates of blind, indifferent forces of nature?

Have you ever asked such questions as, why is there something instead of nothing? Are things the way they are, instead of some other way, merely by chance? Is life an accident of the universe, or one of its basic properties? Are the principles of right and wrong decided merely at the changing whims of man, or is there some deeper foundation than that?

If you believe in God, do you ever ask yourself why He allows evil and suffering? Do you wonder why He does not show Himself in some clear, undeniable way? If God knows the future, then why does He create people whom He knows are going to Hell? Is there a Hell, and if so, what is it?

I have discussed and debated these questions and issues for decades, and yet I still find that many people have quick, stock answers to profound matters, matters that deserve careful and thoughtful answers.

My hope is that people of varying viewpoints can find this blog a useful place to explore such questions in a mutually respectful and intelligent manner. I have learned far more from people who disagreed with me than I have from those who agree, because collegial disagreement forces one to think. Even if we cannot persuade others to our view, I think that we can all benefit from understanding why some people see things differently than we do, and how best to live in the same world as surely we must.

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